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Slowboy freut sich gemeinsam mit der Filmwerkstatt auf
Sir Richard Bishop! Seit 25 Jahren Gitarrist der Sun City Girls, Amerikas bedeutendster, kontroversester und radikalster Avantgardisten, kommt eine musikalische Legende endlich nach Düsseldorf. Richard gilt als musikalischer Querdenker, Philosoph und virtuoser Gitarrero, dessen Stil geprägt ist von spanisch/arabischen Einflüssen und seinen Studien in Indien. Gerne zum Übervater der Acid-Folk Bewegung apostrophiert, zeigt Bishop ganz eigene Einsichten : „I don’t know much about folk, but a lot about freak.“ Experimental Freak Out ! an den Pforten der Wahrnehmung!

“Sir Richard Bishop was a founding member (along with brother Alan) of ethnic-improv pioneers and DIY tricksters Sun City Girls, who during their 26-year reign had over 50 full length albums, plus over 20 one-hour cassettes and a dozen 7” records. That being said, Richard has spent more than a quarter century perplexing, amazing, and alienating audiences exactly as planned. In early 2005, Richard (as Sir Richard Bishop) began extensive touring as a solo artist, performing throughout Europe, Australia, and the United States. Though known mostly for his acoustic playing, he has recently been performing with electric guitars in a solo setting. Bishop’s guitar explorations often reflect the shadow worlds of India, North Africa and the Middle East, and other points along the Gypsy trail, though many strange and experimental forms have crept into the live shows as of late. One can usually recognize the influences of Omar Khorshid, Django Reinhardt, Ali Akbar Khan and Ravi Shankar in his playing, though he has fused these and many other influential elements into his own unique style. Bishop was also a co-founder of the Sublime Frequencies label, whose mission is dedicated to acquiring and releasing obscure sights and sounds from Africa, India, S.E. Asia and beyond, began in 2003 and currently has over 65 releases to its credit.”

Das sagt die New York Times:

Wir zeigen ausserdem einen Film über John Fahey.


Chuck Johnson


Donnerstag 27. Juni 2013
19 Uhr @ Slowboy

Slowboy freut sich auf ein tolles Instore Konzert
mit Chuck Johnson aus den USA…

Ein amerikanischer Gitarrist aus Oakland (Kalifornien), spielt instrumentale Kompositionen für 6- und 12-saitige Gitarre. Impressionistische Musik, verwurzelt im Blues und beeinflusst durch Komponisten der Minimal Music (Terry Riley) und der europäischen Moderne wie Erik Satie oder Claude Debussy.

“Chuck Johnson is a composer and musician residing in Oakland, CA. He approaches his work with an ear towards finding faults and instabilities that might reveal latent beauty, with a focus on American Primitive fingerstyle guitar, experimental electronics, and minimalist composition. Recordings of his work have been published by Strange Attractors Audio House, Communion, Tompkins Square, Merge and Three Lobed.

Johnson has performed with Eugene Chadbourne, Frank Gratkowsi, Peter Kowald, Miya Masaoka, and Pauline Oliveros, among others. He has performed at the Hopscotch Music Festival (Raleigh, NC), the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Siren Fest (New York), BENT (New York), the Festival of New American Music (Sacramento), Music for People and Thingamajigs (San Francisco), and the San Francisco International Film Festival. Johnson’s credits as a film composer include scores for several feature-length films, such as Brett Ingram’s award-winning Monster Road and Cynthia Hill’s Guestworker. In 2009 he received an MFA in Electronic Music and Intermedia Art from Mills College.

Johnson views his current work – both electronic and acoustic – as folk minimalism. In addition to solo performance, Johnson collaborates with Danishta Rivero in the electroacoustic duo Blood Wedding, and he lectures in Computer Music and Music Technology at University of the Pacific.”

Daniel Higgs

7.04.2013 / 20 h Einlass
Filmwerkstatt, Düsseldorf

Daniel Arcus Incus Ululat Higgs is a musician and artist from Baltimore, Maryland on whose behalf superlatives are destined to fail. It’s not that his artistic output – spanning three decades, numerous albums, books of poetry and collections of drawings – simply eludes classification, it defies it. Often we hear that a true work of art is meant to speak for itself, and with the work of Daniel Higgs the maxim rings truer than ever. His art is of the cosmos, we on Earth merely lucky that it happens to be confined to our atmosphere, in our lifetime.

Higgs is known primarily for his work as the sole lyricist and frontman of the band Lungfish, a four-piece dedicated to charting, in this listener’s estimation, nothing short of the evolution of all species, known and unknown. That the band has undertaken this pursuit in the guise of a humble rock outfit, in the absence of any public relations fanfare, metanarrative, or manifesto has been enough to endear them to tens of thousands. They are enshrined as one of America’s last true folk bands, and Higgs anointed as a patron saint to artistic purity.

In recent years, Higgs has released a number of solo outings that can only be described as the ultimate in isolation, worlds away from the hypnotic, communal rock of his band. On Atomic Yggdrasil Tarot, Higgs weaves meditative, casually ruptured drones using acoustic and electric guitar, upright pianos, banjo and jew’s harp, recorded entirely at home on cassette recorder. He pairs the music with a series of paintings that call to mind religious iconography passed through the disfiguring surrealism of Miro.
Higgs has wedded his music and his visual art into a singular being, meant to be encountered as a conjuring force similar to that of the tarot experience. The yggdrasil is the great tree of Norse myth that connects all worlds of cosmology. Passing into Christian folklore, the tree is said to connect heaven and earth. In his relentless pursuit of the indivisible, Higgs travels up and down this spine and hatches a new transubstantiation of sound and image into life-form.

Floris van Hoof, Orphan Fairytale, Dolphins into the Future

The Dormant Bud

16:00 Uhr Ausstellungseröffnung

Florian Baudrexel, Alexander Bornschein, Björn Dressler, Wanda Growe (Vortrag), Dani Jakob, Almut Middel, Saskia Paul, Josephine Reisch, Sami Schlichting, Jan Wagner, Viktoria Wehrmeister, Herbert Willems

Arbeiten von 12 Künstlern aus Düsseldorf, Berlin und Hamburg. Die Filmwerkstatt-Räume werden mit vielen Pflanzen bestückt und zu einem Wintergarten umgebaut, nach dem Vorbild einer Hotellobby aus dem Vampyrfilm Les Lêvres Rouges, der am 9.2. zu sehen ist.

20:00 Uhr Konzert:

Chicqueria feat. Karin Wöpking

Floris van Hoof

Orphan Fairytale

Dolphins into the Future

Zur Ausstellungseröffnung spielen Chicqueria erstmals mit der Sopranistin Karin Wöpking und die Antwerpener Musiker Floris van Hoof, Orphan Fairytale und Dolphins into the Future mit new age-lastigen Audiolandschaften aus dem ‘post-noise-cassette thread’.

Poster By Zeloot


Filmwerkstatt - Birkenstraße 47 (im Hof)

40233 Düsseldorf-Flingern - T. 0211.40 80 701

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13.10.2012 / 20 h Einlass
Filmwerkstatt, Düsseldorf

Jooklo Duo is a free jazz duo from Rome, Italy, formed in 2004 by experimental musicians Virginia Genta (saxophone, clarinet) and David Vanzan (drums, percussions).

“Deeply down, if you have the courage to explore the most hidden lands of the universal energy, you arrive at some point where you just know that Souls are so ancient that you’re just prepared to everything the Uncreated Force is going to bring you. Sometimes you expect something, and something else arrives. That’s the way in which the One arou
nd and over here is bringing inner harmony to the Cosmo order, continuously giving us lessons through an incredibly high sense of humor. What we all need is Peace, and there’s no Peace until there are boundaries inside us. Reaching redemption and salvation. “Music is the key”, and when the gates open showing the reign of what is over the game of contrasts, you can be scared or joyful. But at the same time you’ll be experimenting the rules of freedom of the unpredictable Light. We just try to do our best as walking messengers of what is on the other side of the Gates, as many others has done during the immesaurable story of the Circle of Souls. Music is the word of us, creatures of the air.”


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