Black Time

New Vague Themes 12″

This english menage a trois is flogging the donkey once more with 5 crude and noisy cracks from the trash-whip.  Completely blunt beats, a screaming guitar and snotty, distorted vocals gush out in “A band apart“ and  “Made in USA“, where CRAMPS noise meets the stubborness of PUSSY GALORE and the sassy boldness of the REATARDS.  Female bass player Lisa pukes out all her anger in the primitive half-minute assault “Mother/Whore“,  while “Cautions camera“ is a dark and slower Instrumental with a creepy organ sounding. Finally, this fine looking piece o‘ plastic finishes off with the mean lo-fi ballad “2 or3 things I know about her“, which organ-lines will make you cry out loud.  This is a Split-Release with partner in crime P-Trash Records and it comes as a one-sided 12“ with an amazing pink/purple silkscreen on the back, a 2-colored silkscreen Cover and pressed into 180 grams of vinyl.