Where’s My Towel LP

This record was recorded in reaction to not having any say on the Dicks/Big Boys “Live At Raul’s” record.

All during the recording of the “Live At Raul’s” we were constantly told that we would have a say in the mixing and songs that were picked etc. … We didn’t … and that’s why “Complete Control” was written. When we argued with them about not getting to have any input we were told that that was just INDUSTRY STANDARD … That’s why this record has that title. “Where’s My Towel” was the alternative title. David from The Judy’s knew we were not happy and offered to record us in Houston and put out the record we wanted on his label Wasted Talent. We did and here it is (again) (smile).

Andreas and Günter from SLOWBOY felt really strong that this record should be available again on vinyl though you can get it on the CDs that Touch And Go put out. I feel lucky that I got to be part of this and the late 70s/early 80s community BUT the ideas and ethos of that community are timeless and are still going on today through old and new ideas from old and young alike. Today/right now is just as significant as things that happened in history … or as SunRa says … his story … And I cannot stress enough that we are all making history right now so you should stay wide open and be aware of things around you, this being one proof of that statement.

Today! With both feet firmly planted in tomorrow and yesterday.



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