13.10.2012 / 20 h Einlass
Filmwerkstatt, Düsseldorf

Jooklo Duo is a free jazz duo from Rome, Italy, formed in 2004 by experimental musicians Virginia Genta (saxophone, clarinet) and David Vanzan (drums, percussions).

“Deeply down, if you have the courage to explore the most hidden lands of the universal energy, you arrive at some point where you just know that Souls are so ancient that you’re just prepared to everything the Uncreated Force is going to bring you. Sometimes you expect something, and something else arrives. That’s the way in which the One arou
nd and over here is bringing inner harmony to the Cosmo order, continuously giving us lessons through an incredibly high sense of humor. What we all need is Peace, and there’s no Peace until there are boundaries inside us. Reaching redemption and salvation. “Music is the key”, and when the gates open showing the reign of what is over the game of contrasts, you can be scared or joyful. But at the same time you’ll be experimenting the rules of freedom of the unpredictable Light. We just try to do our best as walking messengers of what is on the other side of the Gates, as many others has done during the immesaurable story of the Circle of Souls. Music is the word of us, creatures of the air.”