This is the vinyl version of the Enon record that came out in 2001 on cd only. This record is limited to 500 copies, has a screenprinted beautifull cover and is pressed on clear vinyl and has an extra 7″! Enon is the brainchild of former Brainiac guitarist John Schemersal. After the premature demise of that group he decided to move to New York City, and recruited Skeleton Key’s Rick Lee and Steve Calhoon. And so it came to pass that Enon was born. Like its members‘ previous groups, Enon displays an appreciation for junk noise and off-kilter song structures that makes every song totally unpredictable – you definitely can’t get comfortable with these guys because they’re constantly pulling the rug out from under you. Enon is fascinated by the aesthetic possibilities of „damaging“ pop melodies with strange noise and sound processing. But unlike E6 bands, whose melodic sensibilities tend to be shaped by the soaring pop of ’60s and ’70s bands like the Beach Boys, Big Star, and Pink Floyd, Enon takes cues from New Wave and ’80s and ’90s indie rock and build the noise on that foundation. In this regard, their rock deconstructions bear some similarities to those of the The Flaming Lips.